You really think automation is expensive? Think again…

You really think automation is expensive? Think again…

The success of young entrepreneurs is the key to India’s transformation in the new Millenium. To become an entrepreneur, one does not need a business plan. Let alone an MBA. All one needs is a brilliant idea and anything and everything is possible from thereon.


So here we have one such brilliant idea to bring Upshot - HRMS/EMS A single, all-purpose HR management software. From hire to retire on board. All HR management services are categorically laid out for clients globally, leaving them with almost nothing to worry about during the recruitment process. They can pay payroll directly through Upshot, Track and Maximise Employee Performance, and keep track of all progress with a click.


Vikas Om Choudhary currently operates Intelligent Payment Solutions Pvt Ltd (iPay), a Fintech firm focused on process automation using payment instruments. Talking about the spotlight earner today is his brand established in the year 2020-. Upshot - HRMS/EMS.


Upshot  provides the following services to the clients easily, smoothly accessible being cloud-based and accessible via Android, iOS and the Web. Upshots analytical tools allow HR managers to see exactly which areas of HR are underperforming and quickly resolve problems before they occur.

Upshot  has multiple features & tools to help any organisation manage & automate their entire HR lifecycle & financial serves on a single platform

  1. HRMS
  2. Payroll Processing
  3. EMS
  4. Remote Monitoring
  5. Business Payments
  6. Payroll Financing
  7. Employee EWA & PL


 Simply out, employers can…

  • Know where their staff are at all times
  • Manage a large workforce via the Upshot app
  • View and track performance of teams and individuals
  • Manage payroll and payslips with a few simple clicks
  • Ensure project deadlines are being met
  • Efficiently manage your organization's HR
  • Make transfers, vendor payments, tax payments etc

Employees on the other hand can -

  • Check-in and out of work - whilst logging geotag information
  • Update their record
  • Submit HR documentation, including certificates and CVs
  • Book holidays and access notices
  • Inform your business of relevant changes
  • Access employees payroll information including payslips
  • Access information generates debate timesheets and many more features
  • File tax returns
  • Avail of Credit via Early Wage Access or purely instant personal loans


 Upshot offers some advance features along with all the aforementioned  to serve its clients -

  • To Simplify the recruitment process
  • Pay payroll directly through Upshot
  • Track and Maximise Employee Performance
  • Automate business process



Talking about the man behind the curtains, Vikas Om Choudhary is one such talented young man who began his entrepreneurial path early on. At the age of 16 and a half, he sowed the seeds of his first business venture shortly following his ICSE Boards. But, having tasted both glory and disappointment, Vikas never looked back. He has gained knowledge and expertise that no conventional management degree could have given him.


Being a Changemaker and a Serial Entrepreneur are two attributes and perspectives that best describe this young man. There are two recurring themes in his entrepreneurial history. A strong distaste for business as usual and the rise of touch point makeovers to improve customer experience across industries. These have driven his career and served as the groundwork for many innovative initiatives with the primary goal of assisting businesses in transacting effortlessly with simplicity and better functionality. As a Business Leader, he pioneered the use of various sorts of cards to convert touchpoints. He has created a sustainable franchise in the markets for prepaid and smart cards for a variety of applications over the last five years and is now in the process of introducing a revolutionary new way to enable cashless payments across merchant establishments.


He believes that there was a need for a single platform which offered complete HR lifecycle management for SMEs, hence Upshot was born. The brand currently has 80000 users across payroll, and remote monitoring platforms & offers the platform globally through its partners in UK & Australia. Their offering is a new age end-to-end human resource lifecycle management platform Upshot - Hire to Retire single platform for end-to-end HR management.



So why wait, book a free demo trial today by logging on to the links given below and enlighten yourself with the amazing developments going worldwide but available to u with just a click!


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